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Electric Superbike Twente is a team of 15 enthousiastic students of University of Twente and Saxion. They are building one of the fastest electric racing motorcycles. The team members all have exciting backgrounds, ranging from electrical and mechanical engineering to international business administration. The team works tightly together with enthousiasts in all fields such as the FabLab Enschede, PhD-students from University of Twente, teachers from Saxion and partners from various businesses.

Together with Green Team Twente, they are located at Kennispark Twente at very short distance of the university. So, no racing needed to get to us quickly. Both teams joined forces in summer 2017 and started an office and workplace together. The result is a powerful innovation hub: the Future Factory. Find us here!

Electric Superbike Twente has an electrifying goal: winning the MotoE competition. Therefore the saxion FabLab helped them by making a milled ABS holder for the batteries. With that, they want to show that sustainable transportation is exciting, cool and fun!