Traditional shelter tents often lack essential features like proper protection, adequate lighting, and most of all energy facilities. This innovative design revolutionizes shelter tents for disastrous events addressing these shortcomings. The tent material from Ten Cate Outdoor, boast flame-retardant properties, water resistance, and breathability. The integrated flexible solar panels provide energy to power the flexible LED lights. These Solar Panels from Armor Group are incorporated to create an efficient and highly customizable light trapping design. The demonstrator features a hexagon-shaped grid from Shieldex fabric, which allows for the flexible integration of electronics. 3D printed modular connectors produced in the FabLab and LEDs can be positioned as needed, enabling customized design and patters for the tent. This demonstrator brings together state-of-the-art technological advancements and textile integration methods in the field of photovoltaic thermoelectric energy harvesters and modular connectors, with overarching relevance for the development of self-empowered electronics for large surface applications.

Role FabLab
Making the design and the production of the 3D-Printed modular connectors.