In the spring of 2022, we were approached by a member of SHSEL, the Historical Society for the entire municipality of Enschede, including the surrounding villages of Lonneker, Glanerbrug, Boekelo, and Usselo.

They came to us with a specific request for a mold for a boundary marker stone to indicate the municipal border between Enschede and Lonneker. The odd side of this border belonged to the Usselo district (later part of the Lonneker municipality), and the even side belonged to the Esmarke district (later part of the Enschede municipality).

At the location of house number 202, there used to be a boundary marker stone. Since this is on a sidewalk, it’s not possible to place a replica there. Therefore, we created a tile indicating the location. The same applies to Haaksbergerstraat 320, where the same municipal boundary intersects the current road.

The tiles were laid on April 8th and feature the logo of the Stichting Historische Sociëteit Enschede Lonneker (Historical Society for Enschede Lonneker). These tiles were crafted using a mold from the FabLab at Saxion University in Enschede.