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 New policy September 2018

No experience? No problem!

Just follow the FabLab introduction course. Every Wednesday 16:00.

Or find 3 friends and we will do it right now!

Afterwards you are qualified to use the standard 3D-printers, Foil cutter, 3D Scanner and laser cutter


Can you do it for me?

No, but we can assist & help.

You will create your own products & devices.


Can I also start my own 3D prints?

Yes! Every day from 8:30 you can start your own print. Just make sure it is ready the next working day at 08:30. If you need to use our workstations for modeling / slicing, you can do so during regular opening hours.


Can I use my own materials?

Yes, experiment away at your own risk. Although not all materials are allowed. (check the details of the machine online , or ask an assistant if you would like to do something special)


Can I use all machines?

Yes, but you will need some additional training to use some of them. Follow a regular scheduled training to use more equipment.


I have a problem I can’t figure out, can you help?

Yes. Come to the consultancy moment, every Wednesday at 16:00. We will gladly help you figure out how to improve your 3D prints, laser cutting files or anything else.