At FabLab you can use one of our three Trotec laser cutters completely independently, to create beautiful and highly detailed designs with endless possibilities.  

You can use our laser cutters to cut and engrave various materials; from wood, to acrylic and glass to even various kinds of fabric or leather. With a cutting line of 0.1mm thick the laser cutter can precisely cut any shape you like. By using different speeds and power levels, different shades can be engraved to create beautiful and lively designs. At FabLab we also have a rotary attachment, which makes it possible to engrave round objects.   

The laser is easy to operate yourself. You can prepare your design in you preferred 2D software, such as illustrator, Inkscape or even paint at home. When you come to Fablab you can altered your design on our desktops, so the laser can recognize what needs to be cut and what needs to be engraved. Using our tutorials and Fablab-wiki we are confident you will be able to do this without any assistance, but of course; don’t hesitate to ask if you need some assurance, input or help from our student assistants.