Grastic: 3D Printing of Recycled Artificial Turf”

Saxion FabLab is part of the Saxion research professorship in Industrial Design. Together with them and a team of researchers, industrial designers, and other experts, we seek collaboration with SMEs to gather research questions from the industry. This allows us, as FabLab & Industrial Design professorship, to contribute to socially responsible entrepreneurship, increase sustainability, and participate in local projects and the community.

Artificial Turf Recycling

Saxion FabLab is currently exploring the possibilities of recycling artificial turf. The artificial turf mountain in the Netherlands is growing. To reduce this artificial turf mountain, several chain partners have collaborated to start an artificial turf recycling factory, which has been active since 2020. The raw materials from this factory are pressed into molds to produce rubber tiles, edge boards, or picnic sets.

However, given the quantity of artificial turf mats, there is also a need to create more and high-quality products. In collaboration with Saxion FabLab, the Industrial Design professorship, and the ThermoPlastic Composites Application Center, exploratory research is being conducted into the possibility of 3D printing recycled artificial turf. This way, in the future, high-quality and innovative products can be produced. During the Saxion ‘Smart Solutions Semester,’ a group of students from various disciplines is also working on this research under the leadership of project manager Birgit Albersen. Additionally, a KIEM subsidy has been granted to purchase a 3D printer specifically for applied research.

Our research has not gone unnoticed, and we have been nominated for the Cleantech Battle 2022. The Cleantech Battle provides students from vocational education, higher education, and university in East Netherlands the opportunity to showcase themselves outside their own education and school. With the help of entrepreneurs, they can further develop their sustainable solutions.

“Proud of the nominations for our student group Grastic with their research contribution to 3D printing of recycled artificial turf. Unfortunately, just outside the prizes at the Cleantech Battle but 3rd in the Serendipity award. Well done!”