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Fablab-makers against COVID-19

The 1750 FabLabs all over the world are working together to fight COVID-19. Every FabLab has the same inventory, from the machines set up to the electronic components. They are also in close contact with each other via online platforms such as GitLab and open source. As a result, a design conceived in FabLab UCAL in Peru can be made in the Oulu FabLab in Finland and further developed in FabLab Kamakura in Japan.

Together, as a worldwide FabLab network, we fight COVID-19! By bundling all the ideas, knowledge, test results and technical skills to fight COVID-19, kind a like becoming a supercomputer…while working together!

Visit our stand at Stationsplein 1, 7511 LJ Enschede and buy your tickets online!