AdoptIDee brings together education and the business community.

Stichting AdoptIDee originated from PNO Consultants and has now become a fully-fledged foundation. AdoptIDee engages students from grades 6, 7, and 8 to join forces with innovative companies in the region. It is currently active in Groningen, Heerenveen, and Haaksbergen. By encouraging children from grades 6, 7, and 8 to think about ‘real’ innovation challenges of companies, they come into contact with IT, innovation, and related fields of work at an early stage. The aim is to learn from one another, to energize education, and to counteract terminal seriousness.

Based on a problem statement formulated by the participating companies, students in small groups think of a solution and develop this into a concept. In this way, pupils, with their proven higher creativity, help entrepreneurs find creative solutions for their complex issues, and in turn, entrepreneurs playfully contribute to the workforce of the future.

Together with Saxion FabLab Enschede, we are currently working on a compelling implementation of the AdoptIDee concept in participating schools. Designers, students, and other professionals are collaborating on a box that serves as a tool to stimulate ‘Design Thinking’ and to expose children directly to technology. This initiative triggers collaboration, idea generation, and implementation. Additionally, it contributes to community building; you become a part of this ‘experience’ and a true AdoptIDee enthusiast! The FabLab is designing the box in such a way that it can be produced in the future by local social workshops, further amplifying its societal impact.

In addition to the aforementioned regions, the Losser region will soon be included in the province of Overijssel. Enschede may also be added shortly.