Anne Horel is a media artist who utilizes social media as a space, tool, platform, and more. Since the 90s, she has been using social media platforms daily, with humor and playfulness. Curious and a fan of pop culture, she responds to trends, playing with the flow of images that come through the internet, with a preference for collages. But she also works with video art, AR and VR images, and creates tangible art such as T-shirts and other artworks.

In her exhibition at Sickhouse, her work is translated into the physical world through prints, immersive installations, sound, nail art, and 3D printing. Since 2020, she has been working with face filters and is curious about how a translation to 3D printing could work. Therefore, she recently visited Saxion Fablab and experimented with the machines and techniques, together with colleagues, students, and others. Her enthusiasm was amazing to experience and very contagious!

Together with Sickhouse, we discussed how Fablab can collaborate more with artists. That’s why we are very excited about this cool project and collaboration. We would like to thank the artist and everyone involved!

The exhibition opens on March 24th and can be visited until June 21st.

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