Who are we

Saxion FabLab practices open innovation. In our public digital workshop, everyone is encouraged to create things themselves using various computer-controlled prototyping machines. Sharing designs and ideas openly is encouraged. The emphasis is primarily on “doing it yourself.” We will assist and support you through drop-in sessions, workshops, or specific courses to bring your project to life.

FabLab Enschede also facilitates in education, provides support for research groups, and offers guidance to makers. Take a look at our latest projects.

Our mission

We achieve the accessibility of manufacturing facilities for students, research groups and enthusiasts through:

  • Implementation and rapid prototyping in our public digital workshop.
  • Collaboration in (subsidy) projects.
  • Knowledge sharing in courses and workshops.
  • Expansion through collaboration with other Saxion research groups and/or programs.

"FabLab Enschede is more than a public workspace; it serves as a facilitator in education, a supporter in research, and a guide for creators."

Our Areas of Expertise

Rapid Prototyping

Generate physical prototypes, enabling swift iteration and testing of design ideas.

Additive Manufacturing

Build 3D objects layer by layer using digital models for precise and flexible production.

Smart Solutions

Use advanced technologies to tackle specific challenges and enhance efficiency and functionality across diverse applications.

With a focus on the following themes


Prioritizing sustainable practices, resource efficiency, and a commitment to closing the loop in the product lifecycle.



Prioritizing societal well-being, inclusivity, and a commitment to fostering a sense of community and connection.


Focused on supporting local initiatives, businesses, and communities, emphasizing a commitment to the unique identity and well-being of the locality.

The FabLab Network

The FabLab Network is an open, creative community of makers, artists, scientists, teachers, students, hobbyists, and professionals of all ages, spanning across more than 90 countries with approximately 1,800 FabLabs. From community-based labs to advanced research centers like Saxion FabLab, the goal is to make machines, knowledge, and techniques accessible for technical innovation and collaborative learning. Together, we share, learn, and innovate in a collaborative spirit that transcends geographical boundaries.

Check out our Digital Tour

Explore the offerings of the Saxion FabLab, discover the available machines, and learn about how we can support you. All are showcased in this digital FabLab tour.

We have an incredibly enthusiastic team with various educational backgrounds and levels of expertise who can assist you in developing your idea. They can provide support and offer tips during our open sessions.

Birgit Albersen

Project Leader

Jorik Ordelmans

Designer | Labmanager

Leo Kuipers

Researcher | Instructor

Emmy Kerssen

Designer | Instructor

Arie Paul van den Beukel

Lector Industrial Design

Dorien Schutten

Marketing | New Business

Yoeri Kox

Manager IPO Lab

Team News

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Join our team?

Our team consists of permanent staff, students, and volunteers. Are you interested in working at the FabLab? We regularly have openings for volunteers, interns, and graduates. Send us an email and inquire about the possibilities!