Together with the company Render A.I., we hosted an A.I. theme session at Saxion FabLab on June 21st! Thomas Bruggeman and A.I. specialists Joost Rikkerink and Matthieu Brousse took us on a journey into the world of “Image Generation” using artificial intelligence.

This theme session was specifically for a group of invitees from the IPO program and teachers. There was a lot of enthusiasm, and the reactions were very positive! The test group creatively engaged with the software, and the results were promising.

5:00 PM         Sketching in Solidworks / teacher David den Breejen
5:45 PM         Pizza break
6:30 PM         Live demo of the Render A.I. program by Thomas Bruggeman
6:45 PM         Let’s get started!
8:30 PM         End