Starting from April 6, 2019 – The Museumfabriek is unveiling an exciting new collection presentation this spring. A large part of the museum is transformed into a Wunderkammer. The Wunderkammer is a true family exhibition: interesting for adults and thrilling and educational for children!

25 exhibitions
The Wunderkammer is realized in three phases but is worth visiting from the very beginning. From April 6, the first 7 exhibitions are on display: Magical White, Myths & Legends, Beetles, World Travelers, The Night, Under the Skin, and Thread. In October 2019, 6 more exhibitions will be added, and in the spring of 2020, another 12. All objects displayed come from the museum’s own collections.

In the Wunderkammer, you marvel at what the world has to offer. You discover that your bones suspiciously resemble those of a mammoth. You peer through telescopes straight into the night. You step into a magically white world. You examine perhaps the oldest puzzle in Europe, discover the uniqueness of beetles, and listen (or shudder) to Twente’s myths and legends.

Saxion FabLab is currently busy 3D printing a beetle over 1 meter in size. It is a replica of a very rare beetle from Asia and will be on display at this special exhibition starting next week!”

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